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sommer.frische.kunst 2017

With the art festival “sommer.frische.kunst.”, we have succeeded in establishing a sought-after scene in the art world at an elevation of 1000 meter. For the 7th time,
we will be celebrating the highlight of the art summer with the Art Weekend.

Awaiting you again this year is a magnificent program. Along with international scholarship recipients, artistic figures such as Andreas Mühe, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Philipp Fürhofer, and Ilona Kálnoky gather here. Contemporary art beyond the metropolises –

Bad Gastein has decisively shaped this emerging form

of presentation. Bad Gastein is a place without artificial distraction, time limits, and crowds of people.
Here, you can actually enjoy a conversation with artists, curators, collectors, and of course Bad Gastein locals. sommer.frische.kunst. – real substance without the “ivory tower” ambiance. Pure art and nature.